Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tufts Daily - Freshmen to vote for third time

Tufts Daily - Freshmen to vote for third time:

ECOM had to nullify a second contest yesterday after a technological malfunction left freshmen unable to vote for senators after 10 a.m. A third election is scheduled for Wednesday.

According to ECOM Chair Adam Weldai, the external server Votenet was responsible for yesterday’s glitch, which resulted in persistent error messages and page-load problems throughout the day as students tried to cast ballots.

“This isn’t the candidates’ fault; this isn’t ECOM’s fault. The issue is with Votenet,” Weldai, a senior, told the Daily last night. “We have been working with Votenet all day to no avail … They weren’t successful in helping us restore the ballot or helping us understand the problem.”

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