Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arab Spring, Version 2.0 [Egypt Votes]

Arab Spring, Version 2.0

As Egyptians took to the polls in the first free elections of their lifetimes, "Egypt Votes" gave them a chance to share their experiences and observations, not just within the gated neighborhoods of their own Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but with untold millions of Egyptians, worldwide. --->>>

Friday, December 23, 2011

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) and election integrity

Traceable ballots could sabotage Colorado elections in 2012
By Teresa L. Benns

As Colorado shapes up to be a swing state during the 2012 General Election, suggested changes to Secretary of State (SOS) rules governing election integrity and transparency could further endanger Coloradoans’ rights to an anonymous ballot and honest elections. --->>>

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Internet Identity Releases Its Top 5 Enterprise IT Security Predictions for the Coming Year (Press Release)

Online Voting, London Olympics and Infrastructure Cyber Attacks Top IID Internet Security Threats for 2012

IID (Internet Identity), a provider of technology and services that help organizations secure their Internet presence, today released its predictions of the top Internet security trends for 2011. Highlighted areas of concern surround online voting, the London Summer Olympics and exploits of enterprise infrastructure.

"Cyber criminals have gotten much smarter about capitalizing on current events to swindle victims. In this sense, cyber criminals are acting just as much like psychologists and pollsters as thieves," said IID president and CTO Rod Rasmussen. "In 2012, there are several events that cybercriminals have had years to prepare for." --->>>

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scytl Unveils Secure Voting on Tablet Computers

Scytl Unveils Secure Voting on Tablet Computers

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--  Scytl’s electronic ballot delivery solution, is now available for tablet computers.

The solution complies with the highest security standards required for voting --->>>

Friday, December 16, 2011

Missouri: Researchers look into mobile, online voting

Researchers look into mobile, online voting

A team of Missouri researchers will use a $740,000 federal grant to study online voting systems by overseas military troops and absentee voters who are out of the country during elections.

The Department of Defense grant will fund research into internet-based and mobile phone voting applications. --->>>

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Electoral commission registers e-voting uptick in NSW by-election

Electoral commission registers e-voting uptick in NSW by-election
Users of the NSWEC’s iVote system doubled in the Clarence electorate

Record numbers of NSW voters used the state electoral commission’s e-voting system, iVote, to cast their ballot in the recent by-election for the seat of Clarence. The number of voters who employed iVote in the electorate more than doubled compared to the March state election.

The iVote system was established by the NSW Electoral Commission’s (NSWEC) for blind, vision-impaired and disabled voters, as well as those living in remote areas and out of state on the day. It was first slated in June 2010 and used in the state election earlier, with more than triple the number of expected voters casting an e-ballot with the system. --->>>

Voter Turnout: Thinking Outside the (Ballot) Box

Voter Turnout: Thinking Outside the (Ballot) Box

Online voting alone won’t resolve the deficiencies in Canada’s electoral system, but new media holds great promise. --->>>

Monday, December 12, 2011

Edmonton, Alberta: City considers e-voting option

City considers e-voting option

The city is looking at the possibility of electronic voting in the next Edmonton civic election.

E-voting, which can mean casting ballots through the Internet or over the telephone, has been tried over the last decade in other parts of Canada and several European countries.

Staff expect to come up with proposals by next fall on options, including electronic ballots and touch screens, to properly prepare for e-voting in the 2013 election. --->>>

NZ: Online voting to boost turnout: Greens

Online voting to boost turnout: Greens

The Green Party wants parliament to consider online enrolment and voting for future elections, after a record low turnout for last month's election.

The final election results, released on Saturday, show only 74 per cent of enrolled voters cast a vote in last month's general election, down from 79 per cent in 2008.

Following the election, the Green Party called for parliament's justice and electoral select committee to look at why voter turnout was so low as part of its regular post-election inquiry.

The Greens have since undertaken an informal online survey, asking people what would make them more inclined to enrol or vote. --->>>