Thursday, January 29, 2009

Universal Voter Registration | Brennan Center for Justice

Universal Voter Registration | Brennan Center for Justice:
By Wendy R. Weiser, Michael Waldman and Renée Paradis – 10/31/08

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"New election technology and the implementation of a recent federal law in the states make it possible to overcome the challenges with our voter registration system—the single greatest cause of voting prob lems in the United States. We can now truly modernize the voter registration process by upgrading to a system of universal voter registration—a system where all eligible citizens are able to vote because the government has taken the steps to make it possible for them to be on the voter rolls, permanently. Citizens must take responsibility to vote, but government should do its part by clearing away obstacles to their full participation. The current voter registration system—which is governed by a dizzying array of rules and is susceptible to error and manipulation—is the largest source of such obstacles."

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