Wednesday, January 21, 2009 It's time to e-consult our citizens It's time to e-consult our citizens:

It's time to e-consult our citizens

Democracy requires ongoing relationships with Canadians between elections. Our democratic deficit is growing like record U.S. debt levels. Low voter turnouts, eroding trust for elected officials and dismal civic literacy are all symptomatic of a democracy in need of healing. This democratic deficit also encompasses the gap between public desires and decisions that are made.

Stephen Coleman, an e-democracy guru in Britain, often soothes elected officials by reassuring them that most citizens don't want to govern, they just want to be heard. Research shows that citizens feel there is a gap between their desire to participate in consultations and the opportunities they are afforded.

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  1. This article is interesting as it seems to highlight facebook as a means to target younger voters who are on-line as a means to consult with the public. I blogged a little while ago about the legitimacy of facebook profiles in my security blog where I came across a startling statistic that 1 out of every 5 facebook profiles is fake. I think the idea is great, but facebook as a vehicle for this is likley not a great idea.