Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thousands unable to vote in general election - Public Service

Thousands unable to vote in general election - Public Service:

Thousands of young people won't be able to vote in the general election because they won't be on the electoral register in time, according to a report from the Electoral Commission (EC). The commission also said that 40 per cent of electoral registration officers are not doing enough to promote registration.

The EC report said the problem was particularly bad among people aged 17 to 24, with 56 per cent not registered, and people from black and minority ethnic communities, where 31 per cent are not registered.

The main problem is people changing addresses, with just 21 per cent of those living at their present address for a year or less being registered to vote.

"A UK general election can be called at any time, and there might only be a few days to register to vote in time, once it has been called. Anyone who isn't sure if they are registered should visit now," said Jenny Watson, chair of the Electoral Commission.


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