Monday, March 15, 2010

Online voting would reform Victorian electoral system, watchdog says - Telegraph

Online voting would reform Victorian electoral system, watchdog says - Telegraph:

Voters should be allowed to select their MP online as part of moves to update Britain’s 19th century electoral system, under recommendations from the election watchdog.

People should also be able to vote at polling stations throughout the weekend, according to Jenny Watson, the chair of the Electoral Commission.

She also warned that the election night drama of counts around the clock to determine the winner by morning “might not be workable” because postal voting had to be rigorously checked, which is time-consuming.

Watson, in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, said the current system was based on Victorian ideas about the way people lived.

She said: “This is the 21st century, we all have completely different understanding of technology, the way we live our lives, people move away to university, for work.

“People live with people they are not related to. We cannot go on with a system that assumes we all stay in the same local areas, live with an extended family and are able to walk around the corner and be known by the polling agent to vote.

“We want to have a debate that says if we wanted to do democracy differently, in a modern way, while keeping local links, how would be do it?”

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