Friday, March 26, 2010

E-voting to kill hanging chads - Yahoo! Finance

E-voting to kill hanging chads - Yahoo! Finance:

In 2003, Lori Steele watched as Arnold Schwarzenegger became California's governor in a recall. The zeal behind the off-schedule election impressed her.

"The recall made me realize how much people really care who their leaders are and that those leaders are effective, which made me think back to the serious voter dissatisfaction of the 2000 Presidential election," she says, referring to the infamous "hanging chads" debacle. "I began to think that better technology could provide transparent and accurate elections."

The idea: Steele, who was at the time working as a private wealth advisor at Solomon Smith Barney in San Diego, set herself an ambitious goal: abolishing the "extreme insecurity" of voting by paper and mail.

So in 2006, she raised the capital to acquire Everyone Counts, a small Australian electronic-voting services company that began as an online test-administering business in 1996.

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