Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Electoral fraud mars UBC election

Electoral fraud mars UBC election:

More than five weeks after they voted, UBC's undergraduate students are still waiting for the official results of the Alma Mater Society election after electoral fraud was confirmed in a report released last week.

Bijan Ahmadian was elected president in January, defeating Natalie Swift by 375 votes.

UBC students vote for their student government representatives exclusively online.

In a preliminary report issued by AMS elections administrator Isabel Ferreras, at least 731 out of 6,900 votes cast in the election were identified as fraudulent.

According to Ferreras, the 731 votes were all cast from the same IP address. The ballots came in on the last day of the election at a rate of one vote every 16 seconds.

Ferreras said that if the votes had come in at a slower pace, the fraud would have been more difficult to detect, given that the identical IP address might have been the result of different students voting on the same campus computers.

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