Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Overseas Koreans in elections spotlight: The Korea Herald

Overseas Koreans in elections spotlight:

Overseas Koreans have been receiving growing attention from local politicians and officials as the nation is bracing to have them take part in presidential and parliamentary elections beginning in 2012.

... "We plan to build an information system involving the overseas voting process before going ahead with the simulation," said an NEC official at the overseas voting task force, asking to remain unnamed.

"We believe that the event will help increase the turnout of overseas Korean voters and have an educational effect on related government offices. It will also provide a chance for the NEC to check its preparedness as we're nearing the actual voting process."

Under related laws revised by the National Assembly last February, a total of 2.99 million overseas Koreans aged over 19 were granted the right to vote in domestic elections. ...

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