Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sequoia evoting code reveals possible FEC rule violations - Ars Technica

Sequoia evoting code reveals possible FEC rule violations - Ars Technica:

The Election Defense Alliance (EDA), an election integrity watchdog group, has launched a public review of the accidentally leaked source code that powers Sequoia electronic voting machines. Though still in its initial stages, the review has already uncovered evidence indicating that the voting machines are programmed in a manner that falls afoul of rules and guidelines established by the Federal Election Commission.

Sequoia generally goes to great lengths to block independent review of its technology. For example, the company used legal threats last year in an effort to prevent New Jersey election officials from conducting a machine audit. The source disclosure that has enabled the EDA to conduct its review was entirely accidental. The program code was exacted from an MS-SQL database that was provided to the EDA by the election officials of Riverside County, California in response to a public records request. Sequoia insisted on redacting the database before allowing the data to be reviewed, but they botched the redaction job.

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