Thursday, October 15, 2009

Romania - Stage of preparations for Presidential Election

Romania - Stage of preparations for Presidential Election:

The Foreign Ministry’s role in organizing the Presidential election is strictly technical, logistical. This means we operate as an instrument for the implementation of applicable law.

The Foreign Ministry, just like Romania’s missions, has no involvement whatsoever in the election campaign. We only do what the law mandates us to do, at Ministry and missions’ level, to ensure a proper operation of the voting in polling stations abroad. Also, given the Foreign Ministry’s responsibility towards Romanian citizens located abroad, we will run a public information campaign; for it to be successful we would like to appeal to the media, just like we did in the previous elections, for support in disseminating public-interest information that we will be transmitting during that period,” said Oana Marinescu, Foreign Ministry Director General for Public Diplomacy, in a media briefing on 13 October 2009.


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