Monday, September 21, 2009

Voting adventures in Boston - The Boston Globe

Voting adventures in Boston - The Boston Globe:

"The Observer vectored to City Hall last week to cast my absentee ballot for the preliminary municipal election this Tuesday. Absentee voting is my own way of saying, “Don’t forget this little black duck’’ whenever I’m out of town for a vote."

"... The Boston Election Department, where I cast my absentee vote, is the bowels of the place. It takes grit to get there. You descend into a Slough of Despond that includes the life cycle windows for Birth, Marriage, and Death. Beyond is the Office of the Parking Clerk and its perpetual line of dour campers waiting to pay their hard-earned simoleons or challenge parking violations. “If you’re in this line, it won’t be good,’’ one man mutters."

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