Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Report: State systems for overseas voters vulnerable [USA Today]

Report: State systems for overseas voters vulnerable

A report on state voter systems evaluates each state on five criteria: 1) paper ballots or a paper record of electronic votes; 2) paper backup for electronic return of overseas ballots; 3) contingency plans at polling places if machines fail; 4) reconciliation of voter lists with vote/ballot totals; and 5) post-election audit of vote tallies. --->>> How the states rate

Full Report:


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  2. Here's a critical look at that "report:"
    Common Cause Caught using Junk Science to Fuel Moral Panic over Internet Voting

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  11. The vulnerability of state systems for overseas voters is a critical concern for ensuring fair and inclusive democratic processes. Various challenges can arise, such as technical issues with online registration and voting platforms, delays in receiving and returning ballots by mail, and potential security risks associated with transmitting sensitive voter information across borders.

    To mitigate these vulnerabilities, states should invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect voter data and online voting systems from hacking and manipulation. They should also provide clear and accessible guidance to overseas voters on registration and ballot return procedures, including alternative methods for submitting ballots securely, such as fax or email.

    Additionally, international cooperation and coordination among governments and election authorities can help address logistical challenges and ensure that overseas voters have equal access to participate in elections. This may involve establishing agreements for expedited mail delivery, extending registration deadlines, or setting up additional polling locations or diplomatic voting centers in key overseas locations.

    Overall, safeguarding the voting rights of overseas citizens is essential for upholding the integrity and legitimacy of democratic elections, and addressing vulnerabilities in state systems is crucial for achieving this goal.
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