Thursday, January 26, 2012

Press Release: Microsoft Enables Online Voting For Overseas Citizens

Microsoft Enables Online Voting For Overseas Citizens

LiveBallot, based on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing system and developed by Democracy Live, allows voters who are overseas the chance to vote in a simple and easy way. The system has been in use since December for soldiers who are overseas, but will be used in the upcoming Florida primary. --->>>

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"One thing to remember: this isn’t Internet voting. The logins generally are based on a name and birth date (basically what’s in the voter registration database) and the voter only gets a ballot, not a vote. The vote itself still has to be mailed or faxed in, just as before. This obviates the need for really heavy security. (The security concerns are basically those of paper ballots at that point). Even so, it is a step in getting absentee ballots to people who are in places that getting mail is a problem."

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