Friday, November 25, 2011

Elections Canada Releases the Results of the National Youth Survey

Youth split on reasons they aren't voting says Elections Canada study

A new study suggests young Canadians who say they can't get to the polls may actually mean they don't want to.

The Elections Canada National Youth Survey found that 64 per cent of people age 18-34 said the reason they didn't vote in the May 2011 election was due to issues with access.

But drilling down into the data reveals that those who say that school or work or family obligations get in the way of going to the polling station may be using that as an excuse, Elections Canada researcher Miriam Lapp said. --->>>

Press Release:
Elections Canada Releases the Results of the National Youth Survey

Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Marc Mayrand today released the results of Elections Canada's National Youth Survey, a study of youth and young adult participation in the 2011 federal election.

The survey reveals the important role that politicians and families play; youth who were contacted directly by candidates or political parties, or who discussed politics with their families, were more likely to vote. It also underscores the importance of political knowledge and interest in the decision to vote, reinforcing previous findings on the positive impact of civic education.

"This survey shows that when young people are interested and engaged in politics, they are more likely to vote. I believe that all of us - teachers, parents and politicians - have a role to play in fostering interest among young voters in participating in our democratic process and institutions," said Mr. Mayrand. --->>>

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