Monday, June 29, 2009

SSRN-Internet Voting: The Great Security Scare by William Kelleher, Ph.D.

SSRN-Internet Voting: The Great Security Scare by William Kelleher, Ph.D.:

This paper will present a social science paradigm for critically evaluating the security concerns most often expressed by opponents of Internet voting. In 2003, these concerns were so ffectively expressed that they resulted in the US government ceasing all efforts to even experiment with voting from overseas via the new technology. However, when examined within a context of social scientific reasoning, the arguments that stopped the progress of Internet voting in the US appear as mere appeals to fear, bereft of rationality.


  1. Hey Bernie!

    Thanks for posting my essay! Its a draft of the first chapter for the book I'm now completing. Title: "Internet Voting Now! Here's Why. Here's How."

    Feel free to blog/comment about my stuff.


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