Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Report investigates why fewer Canadians are casting ballots

Report investigates why fewer Canadians are casting ballots: Renata D'Aliesio, Calgary Herald
Published: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Canada's anemic voter turnout, which hit a record-low 59 per cent in the October federal election, 'will require the leadership of civil society' to reverse the troubling 20-year trend, says the country's chief electoral officer.

In a report released Tuesday, the country's election boss, Marc Mayrand, notes voter participation was a significant concern in last year's election, dropping from 65 per cent in the 2006 campaign for a variety of reasons that aren't well understood.

"Given Canadians' changing expectations and attitudes to technology and service, it may be time to consider ways of making voting more accessible and relevant to the evolving expectations of electors in general, and especially younger voters," the report states.

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